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Agustinus Sufianto is an Indonesian martial artist, responsible for opening the first school teaching Bajiquan in the country. He specialises in Xu Bajiquan and Yin Baguazhang, and has been a major player in spreading Bajiquan to the island.



Due to economic conditions in the late 1990s, Sufianto moved to China to continue his education. Sufianto studied at Beijing Language and Culture University in 1998, then moved to the University of International Business and Economics in 1999 to take a major in International Finance. After one year, he made friends with Polish martial artist Thomas Twardowski, who introduced him to Bajiquan. Twardowski was studying Baguazhang at the time, and introduced Sufianto to his future teacher, Zhao You.

Sufianto would go to study directly under Zhao, student of Bao YouSheng (鮑有声), between 2000 and 2003, in a small park near SanYuanQiao(三元桥)

Establishment of Qiankun Bafang Wuguan


In August 2009, Sufianto opened Qiankun Bafang Wuguan, the first Bajiquan school in the country, in West Jakarta, Indonesia.

Teaching in Indonesia

He has been heavily involved in spreading Bajiquan across the country through regular classes at his school. Since 2016 he has been pursuing more aggressive marketing of his school, particularly through events and more frequent workshops in other cities including in Yogya (December 2016) Surabaya (June 2017). He has also been featured in a number of news segments[1][2] and interviewed by foreign news stations[3].


Sufianto has a daughter, born 2013.

Martial Arts



Wu Zhong -> Wu Ying -> Zhang Ke-Ming- > Huang Si-Hai -> Li Shu-Wen -> Xu Jia-Fu -> Bao You-Sheng -> Zhao You -> Agustinus Sufianto



His school is the first Bajiquan school to be established in Indonesia and to receive TV coverage in the country[2].


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