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Your number one source of information for Bajiquan online. We are a community run Wiki designed to share information and knowledge about the Chinese martial art of Bajiquan. Our goal is the preservation and proliferation of information relating to Baji from it's myths and history, to its application. We do not favour any particular system/lineage/school and aim to be as impartial as possible so as to make the art as accessible as possible.

We are currently managing 260 articles, covering 77 famous figures, 19 styles and branches, 18 training methods and techniques and we could use your help to make many more.
We hope that you will add to the site!

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This wiki is currently a work in progress but we're always looking for contributors and open to suggestions and corrections, so please feel free to leave comments. We'll be updating the navigation soon to make things a bit easier so please bear with us.

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