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Wu-Tang Da Baji

Most schools focus on a much smaller curriculum. Standard across almost all groups are Xiaobaji and Dabaji; two weapons forms, the sabre and the spear; a two-man training routine called Baji Duijie or Baji Duida and a series of 8 short attacking methods called the "Ba Shi" (Eight Postures), which are derived from the art of Shaolin Jingang Bashi.

The form 'Da Baji' form requires extreme integrated (whole) strength and "coiling" strength, and the "Ti Long Huan Bu" transition must be smooth and quick.


八極拳之「大八極」上課節錄 Da Baji Class Snippet

Head Sifu, Vincent Mei's Da Baji Beginner's Class of 2019

Bajiquan classes beyond Xiaojia and JingGong Bashi are often school secret and vary by lineage. As students of Da Baji should be established, 5+ year martial artists. While the majority of the form stays the same across most other lineages associated with Li ShuWen, WuTang will especially focus on the grinding "Pure Baji" form first, before integrating other elements at a later time and level.

Bajiquan, the right boxing must have eight meanings, with eight shapes on the outside, and strong hair on all sides. Be alert, panic, poison, fierce, fierce, divine, and urgent. The memory of the eight meanings can be the first to win by the mechanism; the outside will be able to advance and retreat; the body is upright when confronted with the enemy, and the body is full of strength, not to the corner, before it can be stable and solid. "Eight meanings", "eight shapes" and "eight faces" are all based on the word "ji". This is the origin of "Bajiquan". This boxing boxing is also known as the Eight-Chi Boxing Boxing, which means to open the door in response to the enemy's move.

        There are eight meanings in Bajiquan. The eight meanings are: vigilance, panic, cruel, poison, fierce, fierce, god, and emergency are the eight kinds of offensive and defensive consciousness, which requires careful practice to reach the limit.

        Alert: It is an extremely high level of alertness;

        Panic: refers to the sense of being calm and calm in the panic;

        Ruthless: Refers to an extremely fierce and violent consciousness;

        Poison: Refers to extremely cruel and poisonous consciousness;

        Meng: Refers to an extremely brave and aggressive consciousness;

        Lie: Refers to extremely strong and violent consciousness;

        God: refers to the consciousness of extremely fast and tenacious fighting;

        Urgent: Refers to the consciousness of being extremely quick and urgent.

        Bajiquan has an eight shape outside. Octagonists: dragon, tiger, bear, monkey, swallow, dog, eagle, quail. The eight shapes should be pictographic and take its meaning, and use its god.

        Dragon: The dragon can hide and stretch, call the wind and call the rain, turn the river and stir the sea, invisible without a trace, haunting impermanence. Progress is like wind, and change is like dragon.

        Tiger: brave, brutal, domineering, aggressive, slamming, ramming, thrusting, violent building, and violent pressing.

        Xiong: Calm, calm, solid, heavy, squatting, bumping, bumping, squeezing, lifting, and rooting.

        Monkey: Alert and quick, moving like a gust of wind, fast like lightning, froze, quick answer, and quick bullets.

        Yan: Converge the body and bind the body, there is stillness in movement, and movement in stillness, moving in sideways, drilling when you see a gap.

        Dog: fierce and fierce, keen response and extraordinary sense of hearing and smell.

        Eagle: sharp-eyed, sharp claws, flashing diamonds on the body, swift and swift, quick and hard to grasp.

        Quail: Very fast start. The superb skills of rush to drill. The move seems to be sudden.

        Outer Jus Eight Forms: Imitate the habits and characteristics of eight animals, use their gods, take their meanings, and transform their skills.

        Bajiquan has "strength and eight sides" without sideways, so that it can be stable and solid, strong and powerful.

        Bajiquan learning skills are expensive but not expensive. There are two kinds of force exerted by the human body, one is called "force" and the other is called "jin". The force is strong but the force is short, the force is astringent and the force is smooth, the force is late but the force is fast, and the force is buoyant and strong. Shen, strong and sharp, strength is obvious but strength is hidden, it is called strength in the local area, and the person who is octogenous is called "jin". Strength is the source of strength, and strength is the essence of strength. The whole body is coordinated and concentrated on one point inside and outside. Strikes on the human body. Bajiquan is called zhenjin, which is to concentrate the well-trained energy of the human body to one point and release it, like a volcanic eruption. It is called the "explosive force" as Bajiquan. The essence of.

        Practicing exercises are for fitness and punching for practical purposes. If the body is not healthy, the moves are useless. Only by practicing both internally and externally, with both body and spirit, can you achieve physical and mental health and martial art deification.

        Bajiquan Jindao: According to the form of expression, it can be divided into three types: "Ming Jin", "Dark Jin" and "Hua Jin". According to the nature of the force, there are "Cross Jin", "Shen Chu Jin" and "Tang Jin". "Sijin" three kinds.

        Ming Jin is based on strength, with mighty fists, calm, and thundering momentum. Practicing Ming Jin requires that the exercise speed is not fast. Every action must be clean and neat. The upper, middle, and lower three sets should not be dragged and coordinated. The gait type is mainly horse stance, breathing and movement are coordinated, so that the hair is firm, and the hair is soft. An Jin is to get rid of Ming Jin's powerful and moving appearance. It is calm when exerting force, soft outside and rigid inside, which are the characteristics of dark energy. Practicing dark energy should be slow, even, and the movements should be continuous and constant. The footwork should be as much as possible to use cuddling and rubbing steps, as far as possible without stomping feet. Three sets of coordination must be coordinated, and there must be a clear sense of opposition and unity. Pay attention to intentions without effort.

        Huajin is characterized by not being restricted by footwork and routines. The body is extremely flexible, do whatever one wants, responsive, relaxed, and full of energy. At the beginning of the practice, the pace is slow, and then from slow to fast, in non-stop walking, but it still requires close cooperation, so that the Qi sinks in the dantian, the abdomen and the anus are raised, the inner and the outer circle are supported, and the inner and outer are unified. The characteristics of the cross-strength is that it is strong and strong, using straight and arc to attack, and it can often play the penetrating power of superior punching. The key to making a cross is to coordinate the movements of the whole body and make full use of the power of the whole body to concentrate on one point. The method is to pay attention to the left support and the right pull to the top and sink when practicing, take the body upright as the root, take the whole body to advance rapidly and suddenly, the whole body shakes the energy as the basis, take the weight of the body and the reaction force to the ground. Explosive force and inertia are the source.

        Shen Suijing's characteristics are that it is fast and powerful, movement is clear, it rises like a wall, and it falls like a tree roots. The training method should consciously cultivate the strength of the lower limbs, repeatedly consolidate the basic movements and basic essentials, and achieve solid foundation, solid foundation, and momentum on the top of the head and toes. When stepping down, bend your knees and wrap your hips as much as possible, with your toes buckled on the ground, and your upper body upright. Wire-wound strength: Like the spiral in the boring of a barrel and shell, it produces a considerable distance of penetration, which is a higher strength in boxing. When practicing, we should experience and understand its unity in the relative contradictory changes of elasticity, rigidity, flexibility, virtuality and reality. From the above strength method, the main pursuits are collapse, shake, assault, attack, and four characters.

        Beng: It is short-strength, that is, the explosive power in a short distance;

        Shake: refers to the strength of the whole body being shaken;

        Sudden: It is a sudden attack that penetrates the whole body;

        Strike: The strength to hit straight or sideways.

        The power of "crash, shake, assault, and strike" is like the power of a Gunpowder explosion, with which power reaches all directions.

1. Bajiquan theory

        Human life is also. All things work in their form, with a hundred feelings and ambitions, and are always in trouble between the world and all things. The limited gift of the innate is not practiced to supplement the innate to obtain a strong physique. Only then can you overcome the troubles of the world. The person is doing this too. This boxing melts fitness and martial arts into one furnace, which is a kind of innate and natural ability of people. It also exercises both internal organs and external body of human spirit and body, so that the whole body's internal circulation, nerves, digestion, excretion, and breathing systems The muscles and bones of the torso have been strengthened and coordinated after training, which is not only a good recipe for superior technology but also a longevity.

        The inside and outside of the human body is a complete body. The internal movement must be formed on the outside, the external movement must be on the inside, the mind moves with the shape, the air moves and the blood flows, the bones are straight, the energy is strong, the anger is on the outside, the color is on the surface. Exhale and shrink. Inhale, the chest will be accounted. One limb moves and a hundred skeletons follow, one place is still, one place is quiet, and one place is quiet, and one place is quiet, and the other places are quiet. The five internal organs move inside, and the whole body must be formed outside. This is a natural principle. Therefore, every move and kick of the Bajiquan will make the Baji into one Qi, the form and spirit are unified, the energy is promoted by the mind, the blood is promoted by the qi, the qi is nourished by the blood, and the force is promoted by the qi. This is a natural and natural energy. Therefore, this boxing talks about Liuhe, about breathing, and about holding the chest and pulling the back. Relaxing the shoulders and cutting the hips and ventilating the pubic area are all for internal and external coordination. This is not only the need for martial arts, but also the only way to fitness.

        To practice this fist, you must be the master, distinguish the three knots, know the roots and leaves, Tongjinlu, Ming three reminders, the heart is the marshal, the master of the whole body movement, the eye is the pioneer, the vision is the four directions, the foot is the horse and the hand is the master Soldiers are the masters of combat, and they must be full of minds. The pace is easy, the last quarter is not clear how tough the hand is, the next quarter is not clear enough to fall. The middle section is unknown and the whole body is empty. The head is the leaf, the body is the branch, and the foot is the root. Baji fighters use one step. It's all about riding one step. Without a horse, one is empty. Therefore, practicing boxing must stand on horseback, so you must first solidify your foundation. The shoulders of the upper body are the roots, the elbows are the branches, the hands are the leaves, the strength is from the shoulders and reaches the fingers through the elbows, the lower body is the roots, and the knees are the branches. The feet are leaves, and the force is pushed out from the hips and reaches to the toes through the knees. The waist is the sac, and the change is the main focus. The waist is used to move the limbs, and the lower plate is stable. The feet should be centered and the tail should be centered. The foot step is empty, the side is empty, the bottom plate is not firm, the footwork is vain, the upper part is heavy, the lower part is light, and the move is weak. Three reminders: Hand urges step, step urges body. Power must come from nature, and it is more expensive than solid, lively and imaginary, so that it can move freely and handily. Avoiding the use of stiffness, force, and the so-called natural force are not all without force, but the innate natural energy. Step by step, in order to coordinate the various ministries. The qi should be the mainstay, the qi is smooth, the spirit, and the qi reverses, the qi is stagnant. Therefore, the qi is the first element of natural force. Breathing and breathing. There is strength and vomiting. The shape has flexion and extension. Inhalation means swallowing, implicitness, exhalation means vomiting, relaxation and extension. Whether to huff and vomit is Chinese style, the outside seeks the form, the inside seeks the qi, the qi needs to be internally seven and externally three, and go through the dantian. If the chest and abdomen are loose and quiet, the strength is sufficient. If the shoulders and hips are vomited, the strength will be strong. If you breathe too deeply, you will slow down. If you breathe too much, you will be delayed. If the iron is not visible and the strength is implicit, the spit out seems to have stopped the arrow, but the force is still going forward, the palm seems to be wavy, and the force is directed at the root of the palm. The arms must be straight and not straight, bent but not bent, the step must be quick, the body must be pressed, the hips must be pressed, the shoulders must be relaxed, and the breath must be heavy.

        The palm technique song says: Qi comes out of the pubic area, infuse the palm with full force, press the actual force, exhale with a sound, push should be upwards, press the short stirrup, three words: dip, press, and vomit. Relying on Xiaotianxing, change must be fast, hair must be urgent, must be steady, strength must be urgent, change styles are like lightning, hair strokes are like a sudden sudden, fixed styles are like Taishan, strength is like an arrow off the string, movements must have eight shapes, memory Eight meanings, full of strength.

        The eight-shaped song said: Tigers hunt sheep fiercely and fiercely, bears are hard and hard to rely on the mountains and forests, purple swallows wear Lianxun and grab their wings, oolong enters the cave and looks back and sighs, apes and monkeys grab the food and the hands are cold, the dog fights cleverly, and the eagle catches The rabbit is strong, and the collision is surging.

        Eight senses: vigilant, panic, cruel, poisonous, fierce, fierce, god, and anxious. There is stillness in movement, movement in stillness, softness in rigidity, and rigidity in softness, extremely rigid and extremely natural. There is a posture that can be changed at any time when it is still, and there are things that can and can be fixed when it is moving. The mind is constant and the god is constant. The form is broken and the spirit is connected. Such as the galloping horse. After the horse has passed, people will be left to fly. The image is like the ups and downs of a mountain. Although the appearance is broken, it is connected. It will be issued, like a hungry eagle. Fei Fei grabs its wings. Bo like a beast. Shrinking claws and vomiting. Angrily gnashing teeth, thunderous, it stops, steady and steady. Yiruo Mount Tai. If you don't touch it, you will be soft. If you touch it, you will be soft. If you touch it, you will be soft. If you are soft, you will be soft. If you are soft, you will be soft. There are horizontal and straight, up and down. The shot is like a whirlwind, the ears can't cover, the eyes can't be instant. The interest changes immediately, and there is no handwriting to be found. If this party has the same form and spirit, the gas is complete. Responding to the enemy is based on calmness, courage and familiarity. Whenever there is a chance, you will enter. When encountering a gap, you will drill the so-called gap and do not stop. To be calm can see the opportunities to take advantage of, to step on the gaps, and to respond to the enemy's song, saying: one must be mental strength, two must be familiar, three must be courageous, four must be mastered, fifth must be calm and calm, and six must be spirit to reflect the other, Seventh, you must focus your whole body with all your strength, eighth to see the trend follow the trend, nineth to be as fast as lightning, and tenth to start without stopping.

        He also said: playing tricks is like walking, looking at people like grass, practicing empty is like playing real, playing real is like practicing empty. A calm and a movement is the heart to respond to the enemy, when hair is sent, the vajra is angry, guarding like a bodhisattva with low eyebrows, guarding like a woman, struggling like a tiger, Bo Lion uses its full strength, Bo Tu also uses its full strength. Be warned and force the momentum. The bodywork must be flexible, the footwork must follow, oblique shoulders and hips, empty chest and tight back, folded waist and belly, curled up and tied, twisted waist and loose hips, necked and long arms. When you enter, I also advance, and when you retreat, I also advance. The song of advance and retreat said: Progress is as fast as the wind, lost opportunity and retreat quickly, take advantage of the momentum and move in sideways, step forward slightly, you must vomit when the palm is firm, sound like a warning, strange, change like a dragon, and win or lose quickly.

The song said:

        It tends to avoid the beard and eyes quickly, sees the opportunity from left to right, moves back to avoid the middle, it is born in a virtual place, the mountain is heavy and the body is difficult to press, and the gap is not to stop. Strength comes from smoothness and familiarity, not from strength, and when you exert strength, you will be stagnant. Skillful in long-term practice depends on the accumulation of time and effort. After long-term practice, you can forget your heart and skill.

        Practicing martial arts is for fitness, punching is for practical purposes, and if you are not fit, there are no moves. Therefore, fitness is the first priority. In addition to martial arts, you still need to practice internal strength. In the state of deification, Bajiquan has basic skills in addition to the way of training, supplemented by internal skills such as qigong and daily life skills. In order to make the qi more harmonious, the internal organs and various organs more solid and psychic, and the bones and muscles stronger and stronger, only then can the enemy be present, and the position can be as well.