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Ecole KAIMEN BAJI is a French martial arts school focused on teaching Wu Family BaJi Quan based in Pertuis, France.

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The Kaimen Baji school was officially founded in January 2014, having previously operated under the Academy of BaguaZhang (Aix en Provence) from 2009. The school is dedicated to teaching BaJi Quan and is officially affiliated with the French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines ( FFKDA ) and the European Traditional BajiQuan Federation ( ETBF )[1].

The school hosts annual internships in France with Wu Lian-Zhi and his son Wu Da-Wei, as well as other Baji teachers. Additionally, the school regularly visits China, approximately every two years, alongside students from other European Wu Family schools (Belgium, Italy, England, Switzerland etc.) to train at the MengCun school. It also participates in regional and national level competitions and other events such as training and, graduations that are organized by the federation.  


The school is run by C. Tiffreau and O. Bildstein who both hold a Federal Instructor Diploma and the official grade of 4th duan. The school also has assistants holding the 1st duan.