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Fu Zhensong also known as Fu Qiankun master of Wudangquan martial arts. He was best known as one of the famed "Five Northern Tigers," and a third-generation master of Baguazhang who founded Fu Style Baguazhang. He was also a soldier and a supporter of Sun Yat-sen.

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Noteable Students

Lin Chao Zhen

Lin learned Xingyi from Fu Zhen Song and also Huo Dian Ge, who was Huo Yuan Jia’s nephew. Another of Lin’s Xingyi teachers was Fu Yong Hui, the son of Fu Zhen Song. The sets include Five Element Fists, Eight Styles, Twelve Animals, and the Mixed Form. Fu Zhen Song learned a bit of Baji, and taught this set to Lin Chao Zhen. Although the moves of Baji are simple, they are strong and powerful. This Baji set was one of Lin Chao Zhen’s favorite forms and was often demonstrated by him in encore performances. [1] Fu gave Lin the nickname "Xiang Long".


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