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Han JunChen is a 7th Generation master of Wu Family KaiMen BajiQuan.

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Han Junchen was born in January 1938 in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province.

He trained under Wang ChangDian, a famous student of Wu XiuFeng known as the "Shencheng Baji King", and is a 7th Generation practioner of Bajiquan.

Martial Arts Career

Han is a Wushu 7th Duan, National Wushu Grade One Referee, Member of Jilin Province Wushu Association, Jilin Advisor of the Municipal Wushu Association, President of Jilin Kaimen Bajiquan Research Association, and Curator of Jilin People's Wushu Museum.

In 1959, he represented Jilin Province in the "First National Games" martial arts competition. Later, in 1973, he participated in the "Second National Workers' Games" martial arts competition and won the "Golden Lion Award". In 1986, attended the "National Wushu Observation Conference" and in 1999, he won the first place in Baji Boxing in the "First National Baji Boxing Competition".[1]