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Luca Zara is a Traditional Wushu Teacher and Mover. He is An Jian Qiu's close student, designated to enter the 6th generation (after the covid-19 pandemic) of An Family kungfu. He currently resides and teaches in Italy.



Luca Zara started martial arts practice in 1995, in Italy. In 2000 he began practicing traditional Chinese martial arts, discovering the culture of Shaolin, following Masters such as: Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjerja), Shi Yan Ya, Shi Xing Jing (Bruno Tombolato) - travelling between Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Zara has always sought the movement of the human body and the expression of art. He transported martial arts and free body movement also on the stage, in Theaters, Works and Tv - Xfactor 12 Italy, MTV HipHop Awards, Opera "the circle of the moon" Vercelli, and more.


In 2014 he founded his first Kung Fu school, Shaolin Yong Qi Academy, where he taught Shaolin philosophy, Gongfu Wushu and Sanda to children, teens and adults. Over the years he continued to research and develop exercises for conditioning the body, flexibility and physical well-being from the Shaolin culture.

China visit

Zara travelled to China in 2016 to train An Family Bajiquan with An Jian Qiu and his father An De Sheng at the An Family Kung Fu & Traditional Culture Academy in Dezhou, Shandong. After his stay at the academy, he began his transition towards focusing on An Family Wushu and began studying Xingyi and Sanda too.

Later, in 2017, he invited An Jian Qiu to the shaolin Yong Qi Academy in Italy for the first time, and began promoting An Family Wushu.

China 2019

A few years later, in 2019, Zara continued his studies under An Jian Qiu and on his return to Italy, he began teaching An Family Wushu exclusively and stopped teaching other styles.

Online Teaching & An Family Kung Fu Puglia

In 2020 he decided together with Master An Jian Qiu to create the An Family Kung Fu Puglia (Apulia), the first An Family Kung Fu School in Italy. His intention is to make the An Family Kung Fu known throughout Italy and to help spread it globally with his Master. In 2020, partially due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Zara began teaching heavily online and creating educational content for his YouTube channel and Instagram Page.