Ma XianDa 馬賢達

Ma Xianda (traditional Chinese: 馬賢達‎), was a very notable Chinese martial arts master who was well known for popularizing the combat and fighting aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts and sanda. Ma was one of the lead practitioners for his family's martial arts system, Ma Style Tongbeiquan, which comprises four traditional styles of wushu: Bajiquan, Fanziquan, Piguaquan, and Chuojiao.

As of May 2002, when Ma was interviewed by Kung Gu Magazine around his 70th birthday, Ma was one of the only four living masters to have achieved the highest level of wushu, Ninth Duan.[1]

Early life

Ma Xianda was born in 1932 in Hebei, to a Muslim Hui family with an extensive background in Chinese martial arts. The Ma family, at this point, had studied and practices martial arts for 6 generations. Ma learned from his father, Ma Fengtu, and his uncle, Ma Yingtu. Both were notable masters.

Martial Arts Career

In 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded. In 1952, the very first Chinese martial arts championship was held. At the age of 19, Ma won 3 titles in the below fighting and performance events[1]:

  1. Lei Tai Champion (with the defeat of Tongbei master Deng Hongzhao and Chuojiao master Li Xuewen)
  2. Short Weapon Fighting Champion
  3. Wushu Performance Grand Champion

In 1953, the Huabei Short Weapon Tournament was won by Ma. Ma achieved this by winning every match against competitors from Shaanxi, Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, and Inner Mongolia[1].



vs. Deng HongZhao

In 1949, Ma defeated Tongbei master Deng HongZhao in a Lei Tai bout.

vs. Li XueWen

In 1949, Ma defeated ChuoJiao master Li XueWen in a Lei Tai bout.


Ma FengTu > Ma XianDa

Ma YingTu > Ma XianDa


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