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Pian Men (Side Gate) Bajiquan is the name of the system taught in Houston, TX by George Hu. It is related to, though different from, the WuTan system as Hu studied under Liu YunQiao. It is most often characterised by it's off angle center line, which is almost entirely unique to the system.


Piān mén bājíquan 偏門八極 translates as "Side Gate Bajiquan".


Pian Men baji stems from George Hu, who learned under Liu Yun Qiao but does not fall under the WuTan Lineage. It is a system that deviates from traditional training approach and focuses it's curriculum on training operators of the method. Instead of forms, the curriculum is entirely based on drills to develop fighting application. Therefore, form sequences (Small and Large Frame) are not taught as part of the main curriculum of the system. Instead, the system is composed of eight main techniques or "actions" based on Liu Da Kai (Six Large Openings) as practiced in the Liu system classified in Side Gate as Ba Da Zhao (Eight Great Movements). These movements are drilled in depth much like Xing Yi's Five Elements.

In addition to the Eight Great Movements, four roads of Pi Gua are taught (Pi, Bao, Cheng, Kao) as well as an advanced set of eight movements Jin Gang Ba Shi (Diamond Warrior Eight Methods) which is an advancement of Eight Great Movements. From a Xing Yi perspective, Side Gate's Ba Da Zhao would be the equivalent of Five Elements, and Jin Gang Ba Shi the Twelve Animals.    


Ba Da Zhao (Eight Great Movements)  

Beng (Crushing/Blasting)  

Ding (Piercing/Pressing)  

Ta (Collapsing)  

Kao (Body Checking)  

Kai (Opening)  

Chan (Coiling)  

Pu (Pouncing)  

She Shen (Snake Body)   


  • Houston TX
  • Michigan


  • George Ling Hu - Grandmaster and founder of the school
  • Jason Liao - "Keeper of the Gate" (1st generation disciple)
  • Sgt Jason Jackson - The 1st indoor disciple of Jason Liao (2nd Generation)