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Quan Bao Zhang is one of the eight JinGang BaShi found in most systems of BaJi Quan.

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Quān Bào Zhǎng 圈抱掌 ("Three Circle Embrace") is the eight and last of the JinGang BaShi. It's name refers to the big circular motions that are trained by this technique.

This movement trains the usage of the back and waist linked with the arms, creating continuous movement with several strikes combined together. The techniques used are big powerful strikes that are meant to disrupt, enter and finish the opponent. The strikes themselves use the whole arm, so they can be shoulder, elbow, forearm or palm hits. The relaxation of the shoulders and usage of the body should make your arms heavy, so that when they hit they will disrupt, unbalance or finish the opponent. The rhythm when training does not need to be too fast, look for your natural rhythm, initiate the movement from the waist and back, then let the heaviness of the movement and arms lead you. When you can find this natural heaviness and rhythm, then you can try to speed it up. One sign of you not doing it correctly is that you get tired and out of breath quickly.

The sequence starts with a back hand strike stepping forward and making ready for the next step, following this in the same movement your back hand strikes with a step forward bringing the feet together. Time the second strike with bringing the feet together and dropping the weight. The last strike comes with stepping forward into a horse stance and again striking with the back side of the arm. All of these swings can be either defensive or offensive movements, taking away the opponents arms, striking into his strikes or attacking with the shoulder, elbow, forearm or hand. After the first repetition you start using a preparation movement with hugging and turning into a chilinbu stance, again training your back and waist, like loading up a spring to explode into action[1].

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Practitioner: Lü Baochun

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