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Wáng Bā Quán(王八拳)or "Untrained Fist" is the style ironically portrayed and depicted between most untrained "street fights". The commonly thrown right hook, and "pawing" like arm punches thrown by many around the world.

Wangbaquan can be said to be almost everywhere, as long as there is a fight, there will be Wangbaquan. The places where you can often see Wangbaquan are: Internet cafes, schools, markets, bars, streets, alleys, game halls and so on. As long as someone starts a fight, you can see Wang Baquan.

Origin: The instinctive movements of Wangbaquan are similar to running, climbing and other postures from attempted copying of Martial Arts techniques done by usually unathletic and uncoordinated individuals. Widely popularized before the Barcelona Olympics 1992 , in the skits performed by the famous skit names "Zhu Shimao" and "Chen Peisi", "Chen Xiaoer" drew with the then "boxing champion" Zhu Shimao with a fierce round of comedic fight skit. The skit highlighted the comedy of an untrained amateur versus a Boxing Champion. It is precisely because of this classic battle that Wangbaquan is well known to the people.

Sloppy kicks and telegraphed haymakers are usually the main focus of this type of boxing. In-between the frantic swipes of the cat punch, and sloppy embrace like grappling, It’s important to close the eyes of the "fighters" with their fists clenched at all times, and the two arms centered on the shoulders, moving forward in a random circle, and it looks like a tortoise crawling from a distance. The way the slope can't climb up to kick. This type of punch is generally not aimed at hitting the target, but is mainly a blind punching action to intimidate others who have an attack on you. And if the boxer screams loudly or throws verbal abuse. When using this type of boxing, it can greatly increase the power to intimidate the opponent.

The "Sucker" Punch, Usually a rear right "punch" thrown with an surprise element, Is usually the opening move. However due to the popularity of MMA, Some Wang Ba Quan fighters might surprisingly try to pull off a more advanced move, such as slips, wrestling, headbutts and throws.