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Wu Ying 吴溁 was a 2nd generation master of Wu Family Bajiquan.


Although more commonly called Wu Ying 吴溁, the MengCun Wu family records (JiaPu 家谱) state that his given name at birth was in fact Rong 荣, meaning that he shared the same name, Wu Rong 吴荣, as Wu Zhong's daughter. It is likely that Wu Ying's name was later changed to Ying 溁 when he was adopted by Wu Zhong to prevent confusion.[1]

Wu Ying 吴溁

Style Name

Wu Ying's style name was Wu HuiTing 吴辉廷.


Early Life

Martial Arts


Generation Practitioner
1st Wu Zhong
Current Wu Ying


"The 13 venerable masters"

These were Wu's 13 recorded disciples and were prominent members of the 4th generation of Bajiquan practitioners, many of whom are well known in their own right.

There names were: Yang DeYuan (杨德元), Wu TongYun (吴彤云), Wu Kun (吴坤), Wu LingYun (吴凌云), Wu Kai (吴恺), Jiao WenMing (焦文明), Gao MingShan (高明山), Li DaZhong (李大中), Zhang KeMing (张克明), Wu LingChun (吴灵春), Ding XiaoWu (丁孝五), Wang ZhangXi (王长锡), Wang ShiTong (王世同).[1]


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