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Ying Shou Quan 应手拳 is a taolu in Huo Family Bajiquan.

When Huo Diange was in the Xulanzhou Mansion in Tianjin, Xu Lanzhou Xi's family passed on Shaolin martial arts and was also a famous martial arts family in Tianjin. Moreover, he is bold and unites famous martial arts experts. During his time in and out of the military, many martial arts celebrities gathered in his mansion, including Li Shuwen, Chen Fugui, Wang Zongquan, Huo DianGe, and later Gao Xianyun. They practiced martial arts and studied martial arts in various martial arts venues in Tianjin, Xulanzhou Mansion, and the Hebei Martial Arts Center opened by Xulanzhou. They also had more opportunities to compete with celebrities in the martial arts world, especially the sharp gun Li ShuWen, who was not merciless. A lot of valuable practical technology is left. These touching real scenes are deeply impressed in Huo Diange's mind.

From 1925 to 1926, Huo DianGe compiled eight Yingshou fists based on Li Shuwen's actual combat moves and exquisite combat methods in his life, combined with his own experience in fighting against others. Each stroke of the Ying Shou Quan adds the starting and closing styles, basically eight movements, eight usages, eight or eight sixty-four moves can be varied infinitely, and when applied, they can be changed according to the circumstances and have high actual combat value. Therefore, everyone likes to practice Ying Shouquan very much. Li Jinglin, Liu Qirui and Li Shutang in the hall are among others. They are all very interested in hand fist and often use these techniques to defeat challengers. When Huo Diange became a Puyi martial arts teacher, Yingshouquan had become a compulsory course for Huo’s eight-pole disciples. It was simple, practical and varied, and was loved by everyone, especially when it was taught to guard the army. Use value in the military.

The practice of Yingshou Boxing must have the basis of the eight-level boxing system technology. Otherwise, even if you learn these movements, you will not be able to develop the style of Yingshou Boxing, and it is even more difficult to achieve the special effects of Yingshou Boxing during application. The action should be continuous and fast, and complete in one go. No matter how the opponent moves during application, it is a one-time attack, and a continuous attack is launched, making the opponent unable to defend. This fully reflects the essence of Bajiquan's indefensibility and tactics.

Ying Shou Quan Song Sheet

Responding to punches with great momentum, a series of captures and captures the enemy.

Step by step, squeeze and then smash, and keep up with the left and right supporting hammers.

The hands are twisted to make the double bumps, and the palms are blocked to connect.

Back-arm high-five and collapsed elbow style, attack combo with upper step.

Anyway, slap your hands in a circle and hold your palms, and a series of three punches make you busy;

Shuangfeng pierced the ears and pounded slowly, turning around and closing hands and back palms;

The sky cannon hits the Dragon Pose and beats the enemy left and right to panic;

Stroke your hand to advance the palm of your heart, and oolong holds the column and your palm.

Advance, hold the elbows and step up the palms, and it is difficult to stop the kicking force;

Xiao Zang Sou belly and then high-five, progressing and hurting people.

Poke and hit the serial link, advance elbow and rush to the chest;

Slowly lick the yin and collapse the fist, move up the back to the palm;

Smash the real gold palm with your arms, and top your elbows for reuse.

Lunge double bumps and palms, step forward and single yang;

Squeeze the frame into the yin, take advantage of the trend and slap again.

The overlord slashed with the rein, struck his hand against the rising sun;

The arms were entangled, squeezed and fell, splitting horizontally and attacking both sides.

Diao smashed his beard fiercely to take advantage of the situation, and smashed his feet up and down to divide yin and yang;


Ying Shou Quan 应手拳


In 1926, after regrouping with Li ShuWen, Huo DianGe 霍殿阁, after further developed his understanding of kungfu, leading to his formulation of Ying Shou Quan 应手拳, a form that is now a staple in Huo Family Baji.