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Zhen Jiao is one of the characteristic skills in Bajiquan.



It is also sometimes referred to as "Ti Long Huan Bu".


Below are some videos demonstrating and/or explaining the mechanics and applications of the technique.


Liu Yun-Qiao Bajiquan “ZHEN JIAO” (Stomps)-0

Stomping technique

The stamping, blowing and strength of Bajiquan constitute the three basic elements of the strength of Bajiquan, and become the basic characteristics of Bajiquan which is different from other kinds of boxing. Without these basic elements, the essence of Bajiquan will be lost. Therefore, the basic elements lay the foundation of the whole boxing skill, which is the first skill that must be mastered by the practitioners. It plays a vital role in improving the overall level of boxing. There are many practitioners and enthusiasts of Bajiquan.

However, there is a general phenomenon that basic technology is not up to standard, or even rudimentary, which leads to the result that it is difficult to enter the classroom despite years of hard work. In view of this situation, from the beginning of this lecture, we will analyze and explain the basic techniques of the eight polar boxing in an attempt to help and inspire the OCI fans.

The "stamping" of Bajiquan, also known as "stamping", is the main factor that constitutes the unique footwork of Bajiquan and an important component of the strength of Bajiquan. There are different forms of foot stamping, step stamping, step stamping, step stamping, double foot stamping, single foot stamping, rolling stamping and so on. There are light, heavy, slow, urgent, bright and dark differences in practice.

Stomping function

There are four functions of stamping technique: first, it can help punch, second, it can fix the foundation, third, it can increase power, and fourth, it can attack the plate.

The so-called assistant punch. Firstly, through the practice of stamping technique, the whole body's strength can be coordinated and smoothly, which can help the upper limbs, trunk and other parts of the power, increase the impact strength and effect. Secondly, the landslide and ground fissure momentum produced by stamping can deter the enemy, exert psychological pressure on the other side, make it fear, and play a leading role.

So-called solid foundation. It refers to the sinking force generated by the force, through stamping the foot straight through the surface, into the underground, so that people take root under the foot, the foot plate is stable, that is, in an instant, quickly increase the friction between the foot and the ground.

The so-called power enhancement. That is, after long-term stamping exercises, can increase the strength of lower limbs, and can produce penetration. In Wulin, there are kicking, kicking and rolling stones. We are kicking and kicking the earth.

The so-called undertake. It refers to stamping is a relatively concealed leg method, that is, stamping on the other side's foot, stamping on the other side's toe and foot bone can be broken, stamping on the middle door can also occupy the other side's footwork, the so-called foot on the middle door is the same. At the same time, it can also eat the opponent's next plate, and use three sets of continuous attack techniques, so that the opponent can not be defeated, with great effectiveness.

Liable to make mistakes

There are four main mistakes in the practice of stamping technique: one is to raise the foot too high, the other is to fall on the wrong foot, the third is to have no clear point of strength, and the fourth is to have no strength. The stamping foot of Bajiquan is different from the shocking foot of other kinds of boxing, especially from the shocking foot of Changquan. Its technique is also very delicate.

Over-elevation of feet is due to the lack of understanding, simple imitation, unreasonable, and deviation in understanding. They always feel that only by raising their feet can they exert themselves. The boxing proverb says, "Eight poles and eight poles are inseparable from the ground." The legs of Bajiquan are not higher than knees, and the footwork is close to the ground to ensure the stability of the lower plate.

False foothold is the foot-rest piece usually talked about by the octupole boxer. It sounds loud and crisp. Although it has a good performance effect, it has no practical value because its strength only stays on the ground. After the correct stamp, the force penetrates the ground and goes deep into the ground. The sound is dull and thick. It sounds like the sound is emitted from the ground. When you practice indoors, you will feel that the ground and the walls are shaking.

Force point is not clear mainly refers to the toe, sole, heel, lateral part of the sole and other parts of the force is not clear, or produce the wrong local force, resulting in heel, ankle and other parts of the injury, affecting the effectiveness of training and the mastery of the correct method. In the practice of stamping, the focus should be changed according to different movement needs and uses, but in any case, the ten toes should be guaranteed to grasp the ground, and the heel should never be allowed to land first.

Incompatible strength is the root cause of all kinds of errors. The main manifestation is that the sole purpose of stamping is to stamp the foot, forming the inconsistency of leg and foot strength with the overall strength and air blowing, resulting in the incoherence of internal Qi and the inability of force to sink. Some people in order to increase stamping strength, the body first up and then down, on the contrary, it is self-defeating, hard to break up. It is not essential to practice stamping, that is to say, it will affect the improvement of the overall level of boxing skills, but also cause injury. The light ones are easy to injure the foot, and the serious ones will shake the brain and cause cerebrovascular diseases.

Correct method

First of all, we should choose the appropriate training venue. The best choice of stamping exercise is on the soil floor. The cement floor is too hard and vulnerable. The floor is elastic and not easy to produce penetration and strength. The carpet is too soft and always feels weak. Over time, it will affect the improvement of technical level.

Second, we should step by step, from light to heavy, with light as the main factor. Lightly stamping is the so-called use of dark energy, especially beginners must pay attention not to easily exert, through more practice of dark energy, strength and smoothness, body coordination, after a period of time and then try to exert, that is, what the old boxers call "use dark energy to pull out bright energy". Even after having some power, we should play less energetic and less energetic (i.e. very energetic), so as not to form a wrong dynamic stereotype, or even injure. Once the wrong things are formed and formed into habits, it will be difficult to change them later. That is why it is so-called "learning boxing is easy to change boxing".

Thirdly, stamping feet should be compatible with blowing air. Whether the inside and outside of boxing match mainly depends on whether the strength and strength match. The key of the six-in-one boxing lies in the combination of the strength and strength. The stamping of the script body is also a kind of strength. Therefore, stamping and blowing of the foot are the necessary factors to complete the stamping technique. The main sign of the combination of foot stamping and air blowing is that both of them are produced at the same time, and can not be completed at the same time, without leading and lagging behind, let alone without air blowing when stamping. The degree of blowing air should be in accordance with the intensity of exertion, so as to prevent the reaction force of the ground from damaging the body with the penetration of internal air.

Fourth, correct posture. When stamping, raise the foot not too high, lower stamping force front foot should be as low as possible. The bending of the legs should be moderate, straightening is not conducive to alleviating the reaction force on the ground. Overbending can easily disengage the stamping foot from the overall strength, resulting in the phenomenon of partial force and overall incompatibility. Therefore, it is appropriate to raise the boxing frame slightly in the first practice.

Fifth, practice stamping with other movements. When practicing, we should follow the principle from simplicity to complexity. We can first practice the stamping without upper limb movement in combination with footwork, then add simple upper limb movements, and gradually apply them to more complex movements. However, we can not act too quickly, which will affect the quality of stamping feet due to upper limb movements.

Sixth, stamping should be consistent with the overall strength. Stamping is an organic part of the overall force, and a reflection of the downward sinking force in the cross force. It should not be a partial force action of the legs and feet, but a push-down action of the legs and feet when the whole force is exerted. Therefore, all the force action must have stamping. The stamping force is directly controlled by the overall force.

Although stamping technique is the basic technique of Bajiquan, it is of great importance to the whole skill of boxing. Its principle and function can not be summarized in a single text, and its abstruse points can not be revealed in words. However, if the practitioners can understand the content thoroughly, understand it carefully in practice, and take time, stamping technique will become more and more pure, and the overall skill level of boxing will be much higher. Raise.